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Trigger Warning This website contains information about sexual assault, violence, and/or suicide which may be triggering to survivors.


At this momentous time in history, women around the world are breaking the secrecy and silence around sexual abuse and harassment in the workplace. Yet more than one third of the world’s countries have no laws prohibiting sexual harassment at work, leaving nearly 235 million women vulnerable in the workplace. Around the world, CARE works to educate and empower women to advocate for workplace rights. From domestic workers in Ecuador to factory workers in Cambodia, women are fighting for safety and respect. The International Labour Organization (ILO) has the opportunity to end this crisis by adopting an international standard on violence and harassment in the world of work – the first step to building accountability on this issue globally - and changing the narrative for women everywhere.

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”When people are silent, the abuse continues. This is why I am sharing my story,” Elizabeth explained to us. Watch, read and learn from women who are bravely breaking the silence to share their experiences with the hope of ending the cycle of abuse.

we need to start respecting women and listening to their stories to end the violence and abuse.

alicia, ecuador
domestic worker

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Like many girls in Ecuador, Alicia left her rural village as a child to work as a live-in maid in neighboring Colombia. Promised a room of her own and good pay, she didn't know the sexual trauma she'd be forced to endure just to earn a living.

approximately one in three women will experience gender-based violence in her lifetime.

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We need your voice to join the chorus of women around the world calling for greater protections and an end to harassment and violence in the workplace. Sign the petition to demand legal protections for women everywhere.